Budapest Nightlife Events

Budapest Nightlife Events

We have teamed up to offer you the best experience of Budapest nightlife! Our guides will show you the best bars in the heart of Budapest and offer you exclusive drink deals. Prepare to meet great people and enjoy great drinks!

On Pub Crawl we show you the most fun pubs in Budapest. You get a drink at each pub and after about an hour we move on to the next one. They are always there with a large group of people so fun is guaranteed!

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group of friends, joining the pub crawl is one of the best ways to meet new people. Most travelers come somewhere and immediately come to visit the place. In one fun evening you get to know the city, find the most fun places to go and meet lots of people.

Pub crawls are organized by the hostels. So you don’t have to worry about where to go. You can simply ask reception what time you will be picked up for your night and someone will come and get you! Sometimes the pub also creeps into the hostel bar or club start. Balmers hostel in Interlaken for example has a whole club under the hostel!

Going out in cities you’ve never been to before can be expensive. You end up in the tourist clubs where they charge you a ridiculous amount of money for entry and drinks. If you come pub hopping you just pay a fee and get some free drinks, entry and a tour included. Any more reasons not to go?!

Drinking games and going out is part of the travel experience. During pub crawls we often organize drinking games, or if you come up with some brilliant ideas you can take the lead and share your best games with the group. Have you thought of a drinking game yet?

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